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According to the World Health Organization, the UV radiation bouncing off of snow is about 80%. This can lead to snow blindness or temporary vision loss. UV protection is important year round to avoid early onset macular degeneration, cataracts and cancer.

Smart phone and tablet usage has expanded significantly across the globe in recent years prompting scientists and researchers to ask compelling questions around how this jump in screen usage is impacting our health. The fallout from extensive mobile device usage can be felt in a number of ways, not just with the eyes. Your holistic optometrist and her team of wellness professionals can respond to your needs in helping not only treat the ailments resulting from too much screen time, but can offer some suggestions on minimizing further issues.

The cold winds of January cause more than frosty breath and the need to bundle up in layers of warm clothing. In the winter months dry eye is a common complaint. The combination of indoor heating systems and reduced humidity along with our tendency to spend more hours unblinking in front of screens, can dry out the eyes. If your eyes feel itchy, burning, irritated or sore, then it is very likely that you have dry eye. 

Dry eye is exactly what you would think - a condition in which the eyes do not have adequate moisture. Typical symptoms of dry eye include discomfort, stinging, redness and fatigue in the eyes, along with blurred vision and sensitivity to light. Research indicates that inflammatory factors play a key role in the development of dry eye. There have also been studies conducted that suggest a possible association between vitamin D levels and dry eye symptoms.

If you have only ever worn glasses, have you considered giving contact lenses a try? Single use contact lenses now offer better vision, comfort, eye health and are accessible! Participating in different activities may be more fun with contact lenses.

Seek support from a holistic optometrist who understands the complexities of a concussion and will be there for you throughout the diagnosis, treatment and recovery process, no matter how long it takes.


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