Let's Just Do This Miranda & Sherri Tawfik - In this podcast from Let's Just Do This, Margaret Wallis-Duffy and Todd Miller speak with Miranda & Sherri Tawfik, compounding pharmacists from Origins Pharmacy!

Miranda & Sherri Tawfik are sisters, pharmacists and patient advocates. Together, they are the co-owners of 5 community pharmacies, 2 of which are located in hospitals in the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and Milton District Hospital. They also have established a state of the art sterile and non-sterile compounding lab next to the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital to help fill the gaps in the pharmaceutical industry.

They have gone behind the dispensary counters and integrated into communities providing customized health care solutions to patients, physicians, clinics, and hospitals. Comprehensive, patient focused care is the basis of our services, which includes medication management, custom medication compounding, home health care equipment equipment and supplies, free home or office delivery, nutritional supplements and individual consultations.

Miranda's practice is centred around customizing medications to optimize therapeutic outcomes for her patients. She has obtained additional training and certifications in the areas of sterile and non-sterile preparations and techniques. She has been invited to speak at various healthcare organizations, TV, and has recently authored an article for Diabetic Foot Canada, in an effort to provide evidence based education on therapeutic options available within the practice of compounding.

Sherri spent the first several years as the clinical pharmacist in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Sherri was involved in research studies as well as initiating various programs under medical directives. She has been involved in teaching Family Medicine Residents at the University of Toronto, through a Rational Prescribing Seminar series. More recently, Sherri has worked with community organizations and families with a strong focus on addiction and mental health and sits on various community practice groups.

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