The holiday season takes on a different meaning for each of us. While many see this time of year as an opportunity to indulge with family and friends, your holistic optometrist thinks there’s a way to do that without tossing your health and well-being aside. Why not make this the year that you create a Holiday Wellness Strategy designed to see you through the season with maximum cheer?

Consider three main things when developing your wellness strategy: body, mind and spirit. You know that the coming weeks will find you exposed to all manner of sweet and savoury treats. Who can resist a chewy cookie or steaming hot chocolate during the cold winter months? There’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence, but if you know you’ll be faced with lots of treats think ahead to what you will and will not allow yourself and stick to it. Don’t ditch your healthy eating routine just because it’s Christmas! Get your leafy greens and fish oils into your meals and your body will thank you. Balance is the key.

It is tempting during the holidays to let your exercise routine slide. Remember that motion is lotion. If your regular workout routine isn’t possible, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy with friends and family that can keep you active. Get creative and have some fun! When all is said and done, be sure to get a good night sleep.

When it comes to your schedule, try and keep it simple. This is the time of year when everyone wants to get together and keeping a crazy pace will certainly catch up with you. People are understanding if you have to decline an invitation. Cut down your RSVPs to what you can pleasantly handle to minimize stress. Take time to breathe deeply.

Focus on the spirit of the holiday, whatever that means for you. Food and frivolity take a back seat to sharing and caring. Depression increases during the holidays so take an active role to support those in need. Take time for yourself as well. Do something that makes you happy and enjoy the festive season.


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